Rally / March Poem

Whether it was Trump or Clinton

Pence or Kaine

I think we all knew America was going down the drainnbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runners

For this is a country that only values the rich white male

This is a country where people are swimming in debt while more money is going to the funding of jail

This is a country where blacks have to yell their lives matter

And they are ignored because race is a factor

This is a country where just last year all people were allowed to get married

This is a country where conversion therapy is still a thing

I thought this was the land of the free?

But I don’t think that applies to you nor me

For the rich get richer

And the poor are getting poorer

America just elected a billionaire president, you think it will get better?

They say women are equal to men

But why is it that we can’t prosper the same way rich white males can?

Despite race, sexuality, religion, or gender

It’s time for us as disadvantaged groups to come together as one

And now is the time more than ever since that bigot won

Our rights is what we are fighting for this country to allow

And this fight, this movement, starts with us, right here, right now

Rallying and Marching is nice, but isn’t enough

Our voices must be heard

Our voices will be heard when we see bigots persecuting our Muslim friends

Our voices will be heard when we see racists harassing People of Color

Our voices will be heard when we see homophobes tormenting people of the lgbtqa plus community

Our voices will be heard when we see misogynist mistreating women

Our voices will be heard when we see xenophobes intimidating our foreign brothers and sisters

We must speak up now for the voices that can’t be heard

Donald Trump and his supporters won the presidency

But they will not win America !