White People: Stop Using the Word Nigga’

“I go to Fall Fest, we’re all rapping, dancing, having a fun time. The rapper says the N’ word, I skip it, but the pool of white people that surrounds me what do they do? They all scream NIGGAAAA.”

– Black Student, UVM

Dear White people,

Stop using the N’ Word.


Because you can’t.

Is this problematic for you?

Then you should look within yourself to understand why.

I am a Black female and even I don’t use the N’ Word.

So why can’t you use it but black people can?

Ask the Lord.

The rule is as simple as this: If you ain’t black, you can’t use it.

So what should you do if you hear it in your favorite rap song?

Skip over it.

What should you do if your one black friends says it around you?

Don’t indulge in it.

What to do if you Black friend gives you the N’ word pass?

Forget about it.

I didn’t get into the various reasons as to why you can’t use it, because if you’re asking yourself “why”, then you should do some soul searching.

I chose to keep this article short, because it’s plain and simple.

Stop using it.

Enjoy some memes below:

white people and the n word 2    white people using the word nigga에 대한 이미지 검색결과